A Rob Busboom comedy show fundraiser is the easiest, funniest and most fun fundraiser you will ever do!  This fundraiser is 100 percent no-risk.  All you do is provide the venue and sell the tickets and your organization keeps a major portion of the proceeds.  You're just selling tickets to a show.  There's no delivery of purchased goods or inventory to worry about.

How It Works!
After you have contacted Rob Busboom and scheduled a date, you work with him to find a free venue; usually a school auditorium or members club (Eagles, Elks or a K of C).  Next you sell the tickets.  It's that simple.
Just by having a show and selling 300 tickets your organization can make 2000 dollars.  You can also make additional money by providing refreshments or selling tee-shirts, CDs and bumper stickers after the show.
How Much Does It Cost?
The show is 100 percent risk free.  Rob takes 50% of the first 200 tickets sold.  You keep 100 percent of the tickets sold over 200 and fewer than 500.  After 500 tickets have been sold your organization keeps 75% of the tickets and Rob gets 25%.  If that isn't clear, follow the chart below.
Profit Chart
Cost of Ticket
Number of Tickets Sold
Your Organizations Profit
Rob's Profit
The amount of money raised is unlimited! 

(But Don't Expect Millions)

How Do We Sell Tickets?
There are dozen's of ways to sell tickets.  The basic solution is to sell it how you would normally sell anything.  Get your members involved in posters and word of mouth.  If you are a school, have the kids go door to door.  With Rob's assistance you may even get free advertising or corporate sponsors.
If you're a Golf Resort or a social club send a flyer to your members and put up posters.  If you are a school organization have the students start with their parents and neighbors.  Just like any other fundraiser it's about selling a product.  The only difference is that you're selling a show instead of cookies, candles, popcorn or candy bars.
As stated above the more tickets you sell the more money you make.  The tickets are usually non-refundable and you sell them on the spot.  So you collect the money as soon as you sell the ticket.  If the person or people don't attend the show you still get the money for the ticket.
The tickets are easy to sell.  Just imagine if your Organization has 100 members and they sell just 2 tickets each that's 1000 dollars for not much work at all.
Who Is Rob Busboom?
Rob is a 9 year veteran of the comedy club circuit.  He's been on the Bob and Tom Show, Sirius and XM satellite radio and seen in commercials and movies.  He puts on a clean show that is suitable for anyone over the age of 13.  Rob has performed at high schools, post proms, churches, private clubs, colleges, corporate events, comedy clubs, concerts, Christmas parties and even a prison.  He has an act that everyone likes.
How Else Can We Make Money?
You can also make money by selling refreshments at the show and my selling Rob Busboom promotional souvenirs.  You provide the refreshments and keep 100% of the profit.  Rob provides the souvenirs and you keep 20% of the sale.
Does Rob Have References?
YES, Rob has a proven track record of doing profitable fundraisers.  Originally, Rob started doing fundraisers for the high school he attended.  Two classes would work the show and sell the tickets.  The show is on its 4th consecutive year.  The school makes 3 to 4 thousand on average ever year and that's from a combined total of 60 children.  Last year, they had several corporate sponsors which included the local radio station, newspaper and hospital.
Rob has also done shows for several golf courses and private clubs to raise money for new equipment and done benefits for Harvest Cafe and Muscular Dystrophy.
It's a new and exciting way to raise money that's fun for everybody and less work!
About the show?
The show consists of Rob as the main performer with one or two other comedians performing before him.  The show lasts 90 minutes.  The show is rated PG, but it's recommended that no one under the age of 13 attend.  The show is cleaner than anything you would see on late night television and 100 times funnier.
Contact Rob!

Website:  www.busboom.com

Email:  rob@busboom.com