Here are some emails that people have sent me about my show.  If you would like to say something to me click here.  Want to help me become famous click here.
My Name is: Walt Conkey
I saw you on: May 10, 2003

Your show was hilarious...loved the chris farley having an orgasm.  of the 3 comedians that took the stage, you wer definatley the funniest and cleanest comedian i think i have ever heard, i dont think i have ever laughed so hard at a comedy show. GREAT JOB!!!  Cant wait to see you perform again.

My Name is: Jina Oakley
My Email Address is: jin123@CS.COM
I saw you on: APRIL 12, 2002
I thought you show was:
My Name is: Jess Neff
My Email Address is:
I saw you on: Toledo, Wednesday in April 2002
I thought you show was:
Rob, You were very funny. I admire your talent. I had a great time and will see you the next time you come wife had a blast too...
My Name is: Barbara
My Email Address is:
I saw you on: 03/16/02
I thought you show was: Rob, caught your show at the Holiday Inn in Valdosta. Ga. last night and i think you are the BOMB!!!!!!!!! I can't remember when i laughed so much!!!! I don't know if you will remember, but we were the party that had the couple that had been married for 32 yrs.My mom was with us and this year she will be 70 yrs. old and all she could was talk and laugh all the way home about the show!!! Thanks Rob for making our night a night filled with laughter and good times!!!!!!!!!! It is a memory we will get for a long time!!!
My Name is: Jeff Carpenter
My Email Address is:
I saw you on: 3/01/02
I thought you show was:
    Great show!! Stay funny and we hope to see you again sometime soon in Seymour. Thanks for the laughs!
My Email Address is:
I saw you on: 3/2/02
I thought you show was: the show was great.  I went to your site today to look at the pics from the performance and when i click on the Bear's Place, Bloomington, IN link, it only pulls up the pics from Seymour...  I dont know, its a mystery.  Regardless of which, I had a great time at your show and you are a funny man
My Name is: Jim & Debbie
My Email Address is:
I saw you on: 10-31-2001
I thought you show was:
    We LOVED your show! We were with a group of freinds right up front. Thanks for the pictures. I'm making copies for everyone of us. What a great idea! Memories of a great time!
    Jim & Debbie Fredericks
I was at your show last night in Burlington Iowa... I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time.. And I did wear my shirt to work today... everyone here thinks it's cool..
I hope that you can make it back to Burlington.. But something tells me that its not really HIGH on your list of places to go.. I mean HELLOOOO its Iowa.. heheheehhe
The pictures on your web page look pretty good.. a little dark but GOOD...
Well kido.. Keep up your wonderful work , you have a wonderful gift to make people laugh...
If you ever need a travel agent let me know..
You newest fan..
My Name is: Chad Hall
My Email Address is:
I saw you on: At Ft.Wyane Snikerz
I thought you show was: You kick ass. That was my first time to see stand up of any kind and I would go every nite if I could. I live in IL and was visiting my aunt. Thanx for busting my guts I've never laughed so hard before in my life!!!!!!!!!
hey rob
i saw your 8 oclock show saturday night in wichita on the 29th.
i was thinkin you should come to pittsburg, ks and do a show.
its a college town, home of the pittsburg state university gorillas.
anyways, it would be great if you would come here and do a show for us.
you were very funny and im sure you would impress us all.
i dont know how hard it is to get a "gig" or whatever but, who knows.
we are 2 hours south of kansas city so.....i dont know
well thanks for humoring me
My Name is: Aric
My Email Address is:
I saw you on: 29th of september
I thought you show was:
    you were fuckin awesome man, i loved your impression of chris farley faking an orgasm....i busted up laughing. thank you for making my night enjoyable and i would definitley like to see you perform again.
   aric kroeker
My Name is: Ruby Jenkins
My Email Address is:
I saw you on: 9/22/01  8PM
I thought you show was: I brought some of the people that work for me, there was 7 of us all together, and we really had a great time.  Your show was very funny, I love the Chris Farley impression.  Keep up the good work. The pictures are a neat ideal.  We are in the first picture second group of people starting with the two people in white and going down to the next table.  We had a great time.
My Name is: Walt
My Email Address is:
I saw you on: 9-21
I thought you show was:We went to see Steve, but thought you were by far the funniest.  I hope to catch your show again sometime.  Keep up the hard work...OUT
My Name is: staci
My Email Address is: n/a
I saw you on: 09/15/01
I thought you show was:
    busboom is great. we laughed so hard, and we really needed to laugh! it was well worth our money. i would see him again if he was back in indy or greenwood. his impressions
    were hilarious. i like the way he flattered his own self. thathat really showed he was an open guy!
My Name is: DANA G
My Email Address is:
I saw you on: SEPT 15, 2001
I thought you show was:
My Name is: Johnnie  Sigman
My Email Address is:
I saw you on: 9/15/01
I thought you show was: great show rob!! thanks, my wife and friends and I had a great time. it was my birthday thx later

My Name is: Tianna
I saw you on: oh, when did i get that headache
Just kidding....I would like to help you with your not washing them.  Selecting them.  I think you should try a white jumpsuit like Elvis.....just think of all the impersonators who will follow you. Tianna

My Name is: Tianna
I saw you on: well, the lights were out and i didnt know fursure if it was him.
I thought you show was: It was a bigger surprise than i thought. Thanks

My Name is: Tianna
I saw you on: I tried, but they said i had to pay a cover charge.
I thought you show was: Talk a little louder, it hard to hear you in my condo

My Name is: Staci
I saw you on: 09/15/01
busboom is great. we laughed so hard, and we really needed to laugh! it was well worth our money. i would see him again if he was back in indy or greenwood. his impressions were hilarious. i like the way he flattered his own self. thathat really showed he was an open guy!

My Name is: David Hines
I saw you on: 9-15-01
It was enjoyable.  more clean jokes than dirty or filthy jokes.

My Name is: Kim & Katie George
I saw you on: 9/15/01
Rob ------ you did one hell of a good job replacing Emo at One-Liners, not to mention the toughest week the nation's ever had. You're great, we'll be back to see you.

My Name is: Christina
I saw you on: 9-15-01
You probably don't remember me but I talked to you on line earlier last week.  Well I went with some of my friends and saw your show saturday, and I thought you were great.  My friend Kathy Lee works there so she hooked us up with a bunch of free tickets, hope to see you there the next time you are performing.  Christina

My Name is: Chris Barker
I saw you on: 9-15-01
Your put on a great show, I laughed my ass off. Keep up the good work.

My Name is: DANA G
I saw you on: SEPT 15, 2001

My Name is: johnnie  sigman
I saw you on: 9/15/01
Great show rob!! thanks, my wife and friends and I had a great time. it was my birthday thx later

My Name is: Tom Smith
I saw you on: 9-14-01
Great show!!!!!!  We really enjoyed the evening.  It's pretty cool that you put those pictures on your web page! We like the shirts a whole lot too.

My Name is: Traci 
I saw you on: 9-13-01
I thought your show was execllent. If your from Canada, my brother must be from Greenland : ) Oh and you might want to add some more lighting for the pictures that you take... I cant see myself in's way too dark.. take care.. Traci

My Name is: Jack Jones
I saw you on: Sept. 1998
Love the website, need more hot sultry nude women.  I am comming back to Indianapolis for a visit, but you will be in KS.  Since I am going to miss you I just wanted to say hello and it looks like you are doing GREAT.  Keep up the super work.

My Name is: Jon Turnip
I saw you on: 9-5-2001
Wow... saw you in the 'lair and went to check out your site...  Nice tits.  I'm sorry, not yours, though they are quite nubile.  I was refering to the "company" you had at the radio station.  Heaven knows why I looked at all the pictures in that page, but I saw every last one of them, and if you go to WVU's Mountainlair I am the guy waving to you in one of the early photos... Blue shirt... girl on my left arm... Yea, that goofball's me!  Later Rob, keep up the good work and come back as soon as the fire marshall will let you!!    -Jon

My Name is: susan
I saw you on: 9/8/01 Bears Place
Rob,  I've never been to a show where the comic received a standing deserved it.  I needed a laugh & you came through!  Loved your story telling....I think you're on to something there.  The Chris Farley impression was also fantastic.  I'm sure you'll go far  Susan  PS your cute & if I was 10 years younger, I'd let you tackle me!

My Name is: Vicci and Sam Doyle
I saw you on: 9/8/01 7:30pm show
God you're hilarious. We really and throughouly enjoyed your show.  We're the "married for 9 years couple" ...though from the stage lights shining in your eyes wouldnt know us from Adam and Eve...laughs... We really wanted to stop by and tell you how great your show was but you were busy with others and we didnt want to interrupt... Great job and we hope to see you again in the future.  Thanks for a wonderful evening away from the teenagers. We havent had such a fun "date" in quite a while.... warmly Vicci and Sam Bloomington Indiana

My Name is: Judy and Dale
I saw you on: Saturday, September 1st.  8:00 show
I really enjoyed your show.  We especially enjoyed your impersonation of Chris Farley.  You are a very hilarious person and we enjoyed watching you perform.  We hope to see you again soon.

My Name is: Sharon
I saw you on: August 31, 2001
Rob I was there with two of my friends and we all thought that you were absolutly wonderful!!!  Better than the headlner we all have agreed that when you come back we will for sure clear our calendars to come and see you! Thanks for the laughter!!!  Have a Wonderful Week. Travel safe and well be watching for you again.   Regards,  Sharon 

My Name is: Shirley
I saw you on: 8-30-01
You were awesome   Love the TShirt  Great Motte!!!! I think I'll live by that   Please don't hurt yourself when you fall! I'd hate for you to be in the hospital and have a goergous nurse take care of you!!!!!!  Hope to see your show again

My Name is: KayTie
I saw you on: 08-28 rockford
I loved your show.  you made fun of me in audience, but you were quickly forgiven.  I tried to wait around until the show was over but I couldn't.  Anyway thanks for the great time and thanks for taking the worst picture of me I have ever seen and posting it on your website.  Hope to hear from you or see you again soon. KayTie

My Name is: Rachel
I saw you on: 8/25/01
1st time I came to Wisecrackers.  Had a blast!  (I thought you were funnier than John).  You did a great impression of Chris Farley.  Hope to see you again there!

My friends & I saw and enjoyed your show Saturday night.  We really admired your composure after your fall. Your nose had to have hurt extremely bad!  You left your nose impression in the microphone!  Did you break it?  Hope you're on the mend. Take care & good luck in the future.

My Name is: Karen Pazour
I saw you on: Sat., Aug. 25th
We really enjoyed the show.  My favorite was your impression of Chris Farley - it was excellent.  I want to also thank you again for donating the autographed t-shirt for the Washington Township School Athletic Booster Club silent auction.  I truly appreciate your kindness!  We enjoyed talking to you after the show & hope your nose is feeling better.  Good luck in all you do.  Sincerely, Karen

My Name is: troy
I saw you on: 8/11/2001
really funny. the farley thing was funny but... it just didnt fit. i would have liked to see more. keep up the good work!!

My Name is: jamie
I saw you on: 8/11/2001. jr.s or jrs. 2nd show
I thought you show was: very good, checked out picks, lol, i wasn't seen, too far back... but good luck out there....

My Name is: Wayne Evans
I saw you on: Thurs. July 5th
I enjoyed your show.  Thanks for the funny evening.  Next time you are in town will seriously try to make the show. Thanks again

My Name is: Tige Chastain
I saw you on: 8/4/01
Rob - You're VERY entertaining.  My wife, friend, and myself saw your 2nd show at Snickers in Ft. Wayne.  We were convinced you were better than the headlining comedian (Neil).  I loved the comments on tailgating at Purdue, as I'm a Purdue grad myself.  Keep up the good work!Cheers!

My Name is: Scott Sprunger
I saw you on: August 4, 2001
You were awesome. Blew old Leao (the headliner) away! Thought your show was great and we would love to see you again. (By the way, I'm the guy in the orange shirt from the Ft. Wayne shots, Sat. night, 2nd show).     Keep it up man, you could be the next Chris Farley! Scott Sprunger

My Name is: jill jellison
I saw you on: Sat., 08/04/01
 You were great man! We enjoyed your show immensely. We'll be sure to see you again when you come back to the Fort. I'll be sure to tell Kevin what a great tiime we had too. Thanks for all the laughs!

My Name is: Monica
I saw you on: 8/3/01 
I thought you show was: GREAT show!!!!!!!

You're awesome, come back to madison! 

heard you on bob tom laught for hours hope you do great in upcoming years!keep up the good work
                             Jason Katz  South Bend IN.

My Name is: Kenny 
I saw you on: 7/25/2001
I left your show happy. What more could I say. 

My Name is: Steve 
I saw you on: Thursday night-Madison WI
Show was great.  Real nice job.  Definately the best comic of the group.....however, you do need to find some better looking women for your camera shots......and....there aren't that many in Wisconsin, but according to your pictures, there aren't that many elsewhere either..... 
Thanks again ~  nice job.... Steve 

My Name is: Amber Abbott 
I saw you on: Wednesday, July 25
i was expecting to see one of those comedians who start out with some stupid line, kind of like they are amatuers. it seems like it just comes so easy to you. right when you got on stage i knew i wasn't worried about if you were going to make me laugh or not!! i love comedy and i don't think it could get much better than you!!! YOU WERE GREAT!!!  AND I WOULD ALSO HAVE TO SAY YOU DO THE BEST CHRIS FARLEY!! IMPRESSION I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO SEE YOU MORE OFTEN!  AMBER ABBOTT 
My Name is: Al Cline 
I saw you on: 7-25-01
great show !!!!!    looking forward to seeing you headline in fairview.  see-ya-on the course 
My Name is: Jeff 
I saw you on: 07/25/01
 I heard you on the Bob and Tom Show and thought you were hilarious.  Keep it up. 
Just heard you on the Bob and Tom show. Very funny. I look forward to 
coming to one of your shows soon. 
Bob-  saw your show last night at the brass ring.  Really enjoyed it.  Nice boob shot! 
My Name is: Marty McGovern 
I saw you on: July 8th 
Hey Rob...I thought u were just a fat retarded boy...I love you!  Let us know where ur gonna be at next. 

My Name is: LeeAnn 
I saw you on: July 8th
I thought the show was excellent!  Very funny stuff. All six in our group loved you.  Oh, and by the way, we bought two shirts and I promise that if I HAD breast implants--I'd let you sqeeze them!! 

My Name is: Diane Almeida 
I saw you on: Saturday June 23, 2001
I thought Rob was great!!!  Too bad the show was short, I could of listen to his jokes all night long. 
My Name is: Wendy 
I saw you on: 6-3-01
I thought you were great.  I really love your shirt that you sold.  That is so me. 
My Name is: Robert Hooten 
I saw you on: 6/3/01
I thought your show was very interesting,1st time I have been to a comedy club.Good to here people laugh. 
My Name is: Susan Daugherty 
I saw you on: May 30, 2001
We all had a great time, My husband won tickets and invited his whole "C" shift of firefighters from Franklin Fire Department, it was really nice just to set back and relax, have a drink and listen to great intertainment. Thanks for including us, we are the first table to the left. You really did a great job, hope to come back and see you again. Have a great day! Susan
My Name is: Lisa 
I saw you on: Thursday the 31st of May
I thought that you were great. I hadn't laughted that much in a very, very long time. I can't wait to see you someother time. 
My Name is: Mary 
I saw you on: 5/30/01
Actually, I heard you on Bob and Tom this morning.  My co-worker and I really enjoyed listening to you.  Keep it up! Mary
My Name is: Alissa 
I saw you on: Saturday May 19, 10 pm
I loved the show!! I was part of the bachelorette party, and we had a blast! Thanks for mentioning the list...I'm sure it helped out a lot! 

My Name is: Ryan Godau 
I saw you on: 5/4/01 8:00 show... you were funnier than Monique!!! Should have been the headliner... Plus the web site, and crowd pictures are pretty cool... keep it up!  Ryan

My Name is: Dan 
I saw you on: sat. 10:30 5-6
great show for a fat guy ...the last pic  you took of that dashing couple was me and my love Mickey...thanx a lot and we'll see ya next time...

My Name is: Cristie 
I saw you on: 5/5
Hey, I'd never been to Joey's before, but I thought it was a great show. I loved the closing impression of Chris Farley, he was a great comedian. Had some great laughs. I was with the Batchlorette party at the front of the stage. Take it easy!!
My Name is: Anne Glass 
I saw you on: 5-5-01
I thought your act was funny and the bit at the end, Chris Farley orgasm was right on!
My Name is: Brandi 
I saw you on: 5/2/01
Rob you were great!! SICK OR NOT! Thanks for thre CD I will pass it on!

My Name is: Kelly Johnson 
I saw you on: 5-02-01
I though Rob was hilarious and very nice.  These pictures look great.

My Name is: Debbie Limback I saw you on: April 20, 2001
Hi there, My husband Howard and I really loved your show last night, will look forward to you coming back to Farmington. 
Good luck and as Spock says "live long and prosper"

My Name is: Sir Frosty I saw you on: 4-7-01
Hey man i thought you kicked ass. You was the funnest one there.  Good Luck
My Name is: ben and michell I saw you on: april7   10:00pm show
Laughed my ass off, best part of the show,glad you were there. thanks for the fun night.
Hi Rob, 

My Husband, Rick, and I went to your 7:30 show last night in Overland Park, Kansas, and really enjoyed it. Not only are you extremely funny, and have excellent material; but also, as Christopher Titus does, you  take a situation that that can be difficult for people and turn it into something humorous, and extend to others, especially those who are overweight, a certain confidence and better feeling about themselves. Like my brother always says, "Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying." 
Thank you for a great show, and let us know if you are ever on TV, we'd love to watch you perform again. 

Barbara and Rick Dwelle 
Mission, Kansas 

My Name is: Michelle Hays  I saw you on: 4/6/2001
I saw you at Stanford's in O.P.KS thought you were great,especially enjoyed the Chrs Farley impression!!!!!
My Name is: Jeremy  I saw you on: April 5, 2001
You're pretty great, and a certified genius to boot!  I really enjoyed your part of the show.  After wanting to sleep through Gabe Kaplan's set, I wanted you to come back out.  Keep up the great comedy! Hope to see you again soon.
My Name is: David Smith  I saw you on: 3-30-01
Show was great!  Bought a shirt and a CD.  Love those too.  Now, Rob the pictures on the site need a little touching up.  Some look ok but, none of them are great shots.  See what you can do.  Good luck and see again when your in town or I'm outta town. 
David Smith
My Name is: Neal  I saw you on: 03/23/01 10:30
I thought you show was: you where so funny. i was busting a gut. and i like how you take the pic's too, and put them on this sight.
Saw your act last night at "Just Kidding" . . .  you were great!  As far as I'm concerned, the other two could have stayed home and let you do the whole show!   Hope to catch your act again sometime . . .
My Name is: Craig Strapple  I saw you on: Willeys' Comedy 
Hey Rob, 
    Great Show!  Just wondering if I could get a copy of the pictures from your shows at Wiley's?  Not if all, maybe just the Thursday Night Show.  Or maybe just the one with the bald guy in the white sweater.   Hope to see you soon or at least hear great things about you in the future!
My Name is: Michelle  I saw you on: 3/22/01
Can you believe the size of that girls boobs?  She wasn't trying to hide anything!! 
Loved the motto, the chris farley bit, and the irish accent stuff. 
Keep making people laugh!!
My Name is: DAVE  I saw you on: 3/22/01
My Name is: Ryan LaRose  I saw you on: 3/21/01
Great show!  I know we were there in the front row with a big group of people, and we all enjoyed it.  In comparison to the headliner, you were fantastic (although thats not saying much!)  Thanks again!!
I saw you on: 3/21/01 
I thought you show was: You were really funny.  You should have been the headliner that night!!  :)

My Name is: John Belcher  I saw you on: 03/03/01
I thought you show was: I saw you at the Treehouse in Bloomington. We were in a large group that had just come from a wedding reception next door. Everybody thought you were great. I can't really pick any one part of the act. The whole thing was hilarious. Bought a T shirt. People liked it.

 I was in Indy the other day and heard you on Bob & Tom........Great stuff. 
I really liked your humor, keep up the great work. I found your web site from 
the link off B&T's........I'll keep listening,,, and watching for you on tour. 

Really enjoyed you on the Bob and Tom Show.  It would be nice if they would 
hire you to do a show at The Funny Farm here in Liberty/Youngstown Ohio. 
Going to call and suggest that since I see that from June on you have all of 
that free time.  You'll like Ohio during any of those months not too hot, not 
too cold, it'll be just right.  Plus just between us there's tons of great 
places to eat here.  You can pick almost any style too. Italian, German, 
Polish and so on.  Well, best wishes and again I did enjoy listening to you 
on the Bob and Tom Show.  Enjoy your day. 

I heard you on the Bob and Tom show and really enjoyed it.  Being overweight myself, I liked hearing the attitude you have about your size. Your insight about the scales was great!  So you weigh 30 lbs, huh?  That is great, but how do you keep from getting crushed during sex if you are, as your site states, "an awesome lover"? hehehe 
I checked out your pictures and just thought while I was babbling on at the fingers, I'd mention that you are a very good looking guy.  I am curious how old you are?  I didn't see that on your site anywhere.  (Could I just be not seeing it there?) 
I'm not sure if you'll get this or not, but if you do, please feel free to reply if you wish.  I'd enjoy "chatting" with you. 
St. Louis, MO

My Name is: Les 
Heard you on Bob and To this morning.  As always you were great. The lossing your virginity bit, which actually could be true made me laugh on my drive to Indy.  I wish I knew you were going to be on the air. I will try to make to One Liners.  Later on, Les

My Name is: Robin Poston 
I saw you on: 3/3/01 
We thought you were very funny.  We especially appreciate that you can be funny without excessive use of profanity or emphasis on drugs and alcohol.  It was a very good show. Goodluck in the future.

My Name is: Brent Baker 
I saw you on: 3/3/2001
 I really enjoyed your show.  It was the first time my fiance and I had been to a show and after watching last night we plan on heading back to the treehouse lounge next week.  Thanks for the laughs. 

My Name is: David Crewdson 
I saw you on: 2/23/01 Buffalo
Great act, great website, great idea.  Did I say great?  Loved the Pizza cut in half joke, the imitations, and the stories about your grandmother.  And the snickers bar on lay-away... I enjoyed the show, both you and the headliner.  I wanted to harass you about Purdue but didn't get a chance.

My Name is: Barbara 
I saw you on: Fri. 2-23-01
Rob, Really enjoyed your show, especially the way you used, "retarded kid from the mall" throughout your show.  It was fun. Thanks for putting our pictures on your web site.  That was cool.

My Name is: Marilyn 
I saw you on:  February 7th, 01
We thought you were very funny.  We enjoyed the show very much.....situation identification is the heart of comedy.

My name is shane.  I saw your thursday night show at the rochester comix cafe.  I go there like every thursday.  Your set was awesome :)  I came up to you after and bought your cd. That's saying a lot since I'm a poor college student.  Well I'm glad you came to rochester and I hope you come back soon :)  Your web site is pretty cool.  I'm actually a web design major so I had to come check it out :)  You were really fast about getting those pics up!!  Well I hope you make it real big and I hope I get to see you again :) 

My Name is: mark 
Rob I just wanted to say that I thought you great, I 
found you very funny and you do a good job entertianing 
people, good luck with everything, the web sight would not 
give me your email, if you have a list put me on it

Our friends and I thought you were wonderful Saturday night.  We would have 
enjoyed your act all night.  After the show we were talking about our night 
and we all agreed that you were the headliner! 
Keep up the great job and we hope to see you again!  Tom & Michelle

My Name is: Ryan Watts 
I saw you on: 02/03/01
I thought you show was: Your show was great.  My wife and I laughed non-stop and thought you should have been the headliner.  We looked for crowd pictures from Saturday @ Gary Field's, but only found Thurs. and Fri.  What's up?  Good luck in all and we hope you return  to Battle Creek soon.

Dear Rob, 
I saw your 8:00 show Saturday night at Gary Fields. Wow! You were so incrediby funny.  I have been to Gary Fields, a handful of times and have to say you are my favorite!  You are the first opener I have liked better than the headliner and I plan to tell everyone about you.

My Name is: Suzie 
I saw you on: 2/3/01
Was there celebrating my birthday with Chuck (whom you used in your opening).  You get a kick out of the simplest things in life which is what I find a lot of humor in.  Best of luck to you and hope you got lucky last night!!

My Name is: Dave and Tami Edwards 
I saw you on: Feb. 3rd 2001
My wife and I thought you were very funny and we are looking forward to seeing your show again.

My Name is: Cheryl 
I saw you on: 1/26/01
Thought you were good. Loved the stories about the grandparents. I was the one with the lady with the true clydesdale horses.Planning on seeing you again in the near future. Cheryl

Several friends and I saw you at the Funnybone in South Bend, IN on 1/21/01. 
You were fabulous. One of the best acts we have seen. Keep up the great work!!  Cindee

My Name is: Stephanie 
I saw you on: Sunday Jan 21, 2001
 I thought you were wonderful!! Very funny and entertaining. 
You are a sweetie-pie. Keep up the good work and thanks for 
the laughs.

January 4, 2001 

Dear Rob, 
Hello from Lexington!  I'm the (blonde) girl who came and talked to you out in the lobby after the show and had our picture taken.  Remember?  I just wanted to drop you a few lines to say "Hi!" and that I am really a fan of yours now :)  I have read your "Bio" and saw your pictures and I am impressed with your personality.  I know that you are a computer genius and I am an amateur :(  so pardon the bad format, etc...Well, I am almost out of room to write. Take care and hope to hear from you! 
Your Friend, Renee Swiney

Saw your show Friday night at Comedy off Broadway in Lex, Ky.  We really 
enjoyed the show.  I enjoy comedy because it's typically making fun of real 
life.  My life has been pretty comical.  well, at least to others.  Anyway, 
wanted to let you know the show was great and that I did look at you in the 
corn patch.  I also read your biography and yes, it was a lie but what do you 
expect from a genious???
Cindy Cook

Hey, man.  It's Sky Drysdale from LT's.  Just a note to say that I 
checked-out the photos this evening.  Too late last night to do so.  I will 
be talking about them tomorrow on the air.  Thanks again for the laughs!  You 
were awesome.  Hope you'll be back our way soon.  Happy New Year!

My Name is: NR 
I saw you on: December 31, 2000 
Spent New Year's Eve with you in Kentucky.  Had a blast!!! 
Loved the show!

My Name is: carla gregoire 
I saw you on: dec.30&dec.31 
It was a great show.cant wait to see you again.we loved it.we also enjoyed looking at the pictures you took of the show.that was a great idea.keep it coming!

I saw you on: 12/30 
Thought you were really funny.  Very entertaining - and seemed to be original stuff - since you would laugh at your own stuff.  That's a good touch!  Liked the impersonations

My Name is: Julie Deason 
I saw you on: Friday the 22nd
I thought you were hilarous, and you were just like Chris Farley, I'm a big fan of Chris Farley so I really enjoyed the show please let us know when you will be back in Louiville. thanks Julie

My Name is: Kris 
I saw you on: December 21, 2000
Your set was great tonight!  Much better than most headliners I've seen.  You have a great variety of material and perfect delivery.  I loved your act.  Can't wait to see you again.  Everyone I was with loved the show.  Keep up the good work.  I'm telling all of my friends to look for you in their cities.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Best of Luck in 2001!  I'll keep contacting those producers for you....Kris

Just wanted to say that the show was really good.  If you look at the pics 
of Saturday's show, my wife and I are in the lower right corner of the first 
pic.  I don't really have any complaints except that you should have been 
the head-liner!  I think he was on CRACKor something.  Anyways, good show, hope to see it again when you're in the area. 
SSG Michael W. Patterson 
Readiness NCO 
B Co. 1-238th Avn Regt

Hey Rob, 
We just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed you at Connextions Friday night (the first show). It's not often we go to the comedy club, and when we do we hope it's not too vulgar. Your delivery is great!!! We will look for you again....hope you return! Also, thanks for the online picture! What an awesome idea!! 
Kerry & Marge

Great show Saturday night in Lansing, Mi.  I Found our picture on your website and we look like laughing idiots, so that should tell you something! 
Hope to see you again when your rich and famous.

My Name is: Carla Schmidt 
I saw you on: Friday, Dec. 15, 2000
I really enjoyed your show last night.  Your comedy was really enjoyable and not vulgar.  The friends I was with last night thought your impression of Chris 
Farley was great.  Hope to see you in town again sometime. 

My Name is: Nick 
I saw you on: Dec. 9 2000
You were very funny.  more original than most.  I liked the family jokes and the faking the orgasm impression

My Name is: Alissa 
I saw you on: November 29,2000
I went to the comedy club in Dubuque,Iowa. I thought you were hilarious.  If your ever in Dubuque again, I'm there!

Just wanted to let you know my boyfriend and I really enjoyed your show last 
night In Royal Oak.  It was my first time at a comedy club, and your act was 
great.  Your Chris Farley impersonation was quite impressive, but I was 
dissapointed you didn't jump any females after the show!!  Good luck and keep 
up the good work! 

YourName: archie 
I was at your performance on Thursday night in Royal Oak. You are a very talented guy and will go places! Good luck!

Hi Rob - 
I attended the show Thursday nite (my Aunt Joan has Scleroderma).  Anyway, 
you were really funny ( I also enjoyed the pics on the web, you got several 
of my family members in the shots). 
I am coming back tomorrow nite (with friends) and are looking forward to 
seeing your show again! 
Jennifer Mattler (I am in the third picture, purple sweater)

My Name is: Lorna Hubbard 
I saw you on: Novemeber 4, 2000
I thought the show was great. You were the best out of the three that performed..I haven't that good of a laugh in months and that is usually from a famill member..No they aren't into the comedy intertaining business they just do some stupid shit sometimes...Thank you and I hope we see you back in Fairview Heights,Ill. Let me know if you are ever going to be in the area.

Rob:  We thought your show was funny, but please don't do the plumber thing again.  By the way-great website.  Tonya Smith and Kenny Moak

Dear Rob, 
Hey..This is Gina Gombos, we were in Fairview last night for your show. 
You were to funny. There were about 20 of us in our group, we were 
celebrating my brothers upcoming wedding. I was in charge of the 
bachelorette party, and I am really glad that I thought of the comedy club, 
because we all really enjoyed your show. 
I just wanted to e-mail you and tell ya THANKS! And to let you know that 
everyone was talkin about ya when we left. You were our favorite. I could 
of done without my picture on the crowd page, but it was entertaining to 
see all of us on there. 
When I get home, I am going to put you on my favorites list, and plan on 
keepin an eye on ya. Hopefully when you come back around this area, we can 
attend another show. 
Good Luck to you and your talent.                Gina

My boyfriend and I sat in front row of your Fairview Heights, IL show.  I was the girl in the front row of your late night show on11-03-00.  You used me for jokes.  I wasnted to tell you are a great comic and I really enjoyed your show and I hope to see you again.  I saw my picture on your web sight and god I looked terible thanks for the laughs Sherry.

My Name is: Terry Scaturro 
I saw you on: 11/3/00
My wife and I both thought you were very entertaining.  I appreciate comics that do not have to rely on filth and bad language to make the crowd laugh.... We both had a great time!

My Name is: Sandra Harris 
I saw you on: November 3, 2000
You were great - better than the "headliner".  We hope to see more of you in Fairview Heights, IL.  Thanks for giving me a good night out.

My Name is: Pat Riley 
I saw you on: 11/2/00
I thought your show was great.  I've been to that club about eight times and that was by far the best.  Keep showin the crack, that was some funny shit.

Hey Rob, 
I clicked on the pictures from the late show on Saturday in Germantown and saw my little giggling mug!  What a great idea, both for the audience and yourself...   It made me laugh all over again, and it is a great way to keep your name / performance on my mind!  Very funny show, you and Mike were the bomb.  My ribs hurt Sunday morning from all the laughter...  Later! Vicki Reiter

My Name is: Sandy Braun 
I saw you on: 10-14-00
 I thought your show was hilarious.
My Name is:  Kathy Werne 
I saw you on: 10/7/00
I really loved your show.  You were the best one in the show!  My Mom and Dad thought so too.  You belong on Saturday Night Live.  They really need you!  By the way I am buying a shirt! Thanks for the laughs Kathy.

My Name is: Doug & Roxy 
I saw you on: 9/30/00
What a great time we had at your show! You were just great, and your finish with the Chris Farley bit was right on(he was the best). Before I forget - Thanks for the nice pic of the wife and I - We are on the first photo for sat. nights Moorhead show - I'm on the left and then my wife and friend Curt. Thanks again for the great show! Best 7 bucks I ever spent.  Doug & Roxy.

My Name is: Doug & Jen Bohlen 
I saw you on: September 29, 2000
You're a real funny guy!! Great show!! People in Minnesota just a real SERIOUS bunch of folks!!! Funniest show we've seen in a while!! Thanks for the laughs!!! Signed, the "BIG LOT" girl & the tall "bald guy"!

My Name is: Esther 
I saw you on: Sept.28, 2000
I really enjoyed your show in Battle Creek-I believe the date was Sept. 28-it was on a Thursday night.Keep up the good work Rob!!!  Loved it!

My Name is: Melanie 
I saw you on: Sept 21, 2000
I thought you show was: Of the three comedians, you, by far, were the best.  I have never laughed so hard!  I wish you great success and hope to see your name again so we can catch another one of your shows!!

My Name is: Crystal Chambers 
I saw you on: fiday 9-22-00 (8.00 show)
 Hey Rob, It's me, the one you were pickin' on all nite.(I,m sure you do that to someone at all your shows so you probably don't have a clue who I am.)  I was sitting on the end of an aisle, and I have short blond hair.  I thought your show was hilarious!  You are a very talented comedian.  Now, the guy that was after you, I can't say much about him except that I much would have rather had you stay up there the whole nite. I would love to see your show again sometime.  I hope you come back to Grand Rapids again soon. Take care! Crystal Chambers

My Name is: Angel 
I saw you on: 9/23/00
You were good!!  my brother and i love to go there and laugh.  we thought maybe u had a little to much pause between jokes.  but u still came back with good jokes. next time u r in g.r we will be there.  good luck and hope to see u on t.v. with jay leno!!!!!!

My Name is: Brenda 
I saw you on: 9-21-00
 Rob, I thought you were so dam funny tonight, I love comedy clubs it seems to take my mind off things like my illness with my liver, I am waiting for a transplant and get so depressed at times waiting. They say laughter is the best medicine. Can"t deny that. Do  you write your own material? I thought you did a wonderful job tonight, keep up the good work Rob.

My Name is: John 
I saw you on: sep. 21, 2000
I thought you show was hilarious, kept me laughing the whole time

My Name is: Tammy 
I saw you on: 9/14/2000
I was at your North Platte, Ne show.  We had such a good time that night.  You were so funny, I thought my stomach was going to burst!  You and Chris Farley have a lot in common and in my opinion you will go far!  Enjoy life to the fullest and keep people laughing.  You don't live unless you laugh and that's what makes you a special person.  Thanks for listening, Tammy

My Name is: Boonedoggle 
I saw you on: Sep 9, 2000 8PM show
I was in the first pic smiling...your impression of  Farley rocked...I pissed my pants it was so damn funny!  You owe me some new ones...Great job and I hope to see your show again soon....later

My wife and I enjoyed watching you last night.  We thought you were the best act that night.  Keep up the good work.  We will definitely catch another show of yours in the future.  Your web site is pretty cool too.  Apparently, my penis is too huge to see the naked pictures.  Also, I popped every last bubble on the bubble wrap page.  Am I insane or a loser or both.  You make the call. 
Peace,  Harry and Sharon Baquial

I saw you on: 09/09/00
I loved your act.  I think you have that special humor that is good in the privacy of a friend's home as well as on stage.  Good luck!

My Name is: Angelia 
I saw you on: 9/9/00
You were fantastic!  You carried the show, and in my opinion, you should be the headliner.  I hope to see you perform again soon.  Good luck.

My Name is: Christy 
I saw you on: 9-8-00
I thought u were absolutley hilarious!  I would love to see u again, I was the one w/ Manasco, I laughed till i cryed. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it and It was my first time seeing a comedian!  I will go again!

My Name is: Debbie Marz 
I saw you on: Sept. 2, 2000
I thought your show was funnier than the headliner.  I was in the 25 year class reunion.  We all loved you.  And I hope to get to see you again.  one question.  Are you really a graduate of Purdue.  I am a U of M fan.  Go Blue!!  But I really love Drew Breese.  If you know football that is.  Keep up the good work.  And you were really good.  You should of been the headliner!

Hi Rob, 
I'm Candyce. we enjoyed your show. You are much funnier than the other 
guy.... hmmmm "what's his name?" LOL

My Name is: John 
I saw you on: 9-2-00
I thought you show was: seen your set on saturday night.  Your a funny guy. 
I can see the Chris Farley influance in more than just your 
orgasm impresions!  I can tell your gonna go places... GOOD LUCK!

My Name is: Tammy 
I saw you on: 9-2-00
Hi Rob!  I seen you saturday 9-2-00  in Battle Creek.  You were great! Oh, and thanks, big boy, for the spanking. I really deserved it! ha  ha  I was one of the bachelorette's there.  again, thanks for a great time!!!  Tammy

My Name is: Mary 
I saw you on: 9/2/2000  You were great!!!!!!

Thanks for the awesome show Saturday night. We were at the 10:30 show (yes, the one with all of the jerks) and we completely enjoyed ourselves. Hope you come back because we will be there. 
Thanks again,  Scott Whitesell

My Name is: Kay Brown 
I saw you on: SUNDAY 27 ,2000
I really enjoyed your show.  My daughter had the best birthday party every!  Thank you for doing a great show.  We hope to see you soon again at the Comedy House in Columbia, SC.  Kay

My Name is: Mike (Rambo) 
I saw you on: AUG 25, 2000
Great show Rob.  My wife and I had a great time.  You, B.C. and Kevin are funny... I thought you were great, and have a bright future...Take care guy, things will be looking up for you in do time.                                                               LOTS OF LAUGHS, R A M B O  THE "FORD" PARTS SALESMAN

My Name is: Jeannette 
I saw you on: August 24, 2000
Rob, really liked your jokes about your family -- too funny!!  And this site is something else!  Alright!!  Keep up the good work!!  *smile*

My Name is: Chris Miller 
I saw you on: 8/24/00
I thought you show was: Excellent.  Laughed my ass off.

My Name is: Nancy 
 I saw you on: 8/23/00
I loved the stories about school and your grandmother.

My Name is: Leigh Condom 
I saw you on: August 22, 2000
I just wanted to say Thank You. I am only 24 and my friends say that I am the most tightly wound person that they know and that I don't know how to relax. My 2 best friends were with me last night and they both said that was the first time in a long time that they have seen me truly relax and laugh like that. I laughed so hard my chest and tummy hurt. :) I just wanted to let you know that. I hope you have a good week here in Hell, I mean Columbia. :) and Yes, my last name REALLY is Condom. :) Have fun. :) 
Love, Leigh :)

My Name is: Dot Schvenski 
I saw you on: 8-19-00
You put on a wonderful show.  Keep up the good work.  I would go and see you again if you come to Ft. Myers.  I am 77 years old so don't stay away to long this is no joke, I am serious. 

My Name is: Pearl 
I saw you on: 8-20-2000
Rob, GREAT Job!!!  You should have been the headliner! 
Looking forward to next time.

My Name is: Amie 
I saw you on: Wednesday,8/9/00
I thought you were the best!! you really have a talent for making people laugh! Last night was my first night at Comedy Connections. I had a really good time!

My Name is: Jeff Ballard 
I saw you on: Aug 9th
I missed you after the show at Connextion Comedy club in lansing, but you put on one hell of a good preformance.  I wanted to say thanx and when you're back i will come and see you again Jeff Ballard

My Name is: Alan Rush 
I saw you on: July 29th, 2000
Saw your show on the 29th at. Comedy off Broadway in Lexington, KY.  I came (from Nashville), I laughed (during the whole show), I cried (to see it end).  Keep up the great work and keep telling those fat jokes. 
PS.  If you really do fall on a member of the audience be sure to send me a picture first!

I Saw you in Lexington, KY on 7/28/00.  The First show of that night.  I was the tall guy that you gave the card too, but any I just wanted to say that you are real funny guy and you have a lot of talent.  I have never been to a comedy club before but after seeing you I want to go back more often.  I really hope you decide to come back to Lexington sometime.  If I hear any good jokes I'll email them to you.  Once again thanks for the good time and best wishes and good luck.  BRAD

Enjoyed your show last night in Lexington. Some really funny, witty stories. Wish you luck with the rest of the tour! Cheers, Simon from Leeds, England. 
Simon Mortimer

I saw you last night at Comedy off Broadway in Lexington and just wanted to let you know that you were great.  Sometimes opening acts aren't to good but you definitely made me laugh.  Thanks and keep up the good work. 
Mike from Lexington.


Hi I saw you last night at Comedy Off Broadway.  You were very funny! I especially liked the Chris Farley Impression.  Keep up the good work and I think you are the funniest feature I have ever seen there. 
Best of luck James.

Hey, Rob!  I saw your show this past Saturday night in Toledo and I 
just wanted to drop you a line to say that you are really really funny! 
I wish you the best of luck in your career!  Great web site too!  Take 
care!  Matt

Hi, I just caught you at Connextions in Toledo - the bald guy with a ponytail - good show. I see that you are going to be at Comedy Off Broadway in Lexington. I lived there for 3 years and went to the club almost every weekend. If you would, tell everyone hello for me - Scott, Vida, Rachael, Jeff and all the rest.  John Daniels

Hi Rob--- 
Enjoyed your Friday night show. 
Take care, Have a good one---(or two!) Joni